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Southern Fire Department Replaces Outdated Tech with State-of-the-Art Rugged Tablets

Klein Volunteer Fire Department upgrades equipment with vehicle mounted rugged tablets 

klein-cs-bannerKlein Volunteer Fire Department provides fire suppression, rescue, and medical emergency assistance to the people of Harris County, Texas. The department operates nine fire engines, three aerial apparatus, two heavy rescue trucks, two tanker trucks, two grass/brush trucks, one special services support truck, one command/rehab truck, and various miscellaneous support vehicles – a total of 30+ vehicles in their fleet. With a fleet as large as this, the firemen needed a tablet that is as rugged, durable, and reliable as they are. 

Customer Challenge 

Inside each of their fire and emergency vehicles, the fire department used outdated Microsoft Windows XP devices for navigating, communicating, and ensuring their vehicles are in working order through safety checks. With old, outdated computers that no longer received updates, the fire department was vulnerable to system collapses and malfunctions. If something went wrong, they needed to replace the entire component. When this happened, the whole system would be out of commission for the day. During these times, response times for the firefighters was drastically reduced. Without the proper system in place they had to get directions on their phones and were sometimes unable to communicate with Dispatch. 

MobileDemand Solution 

When the Klein Volunteer Fire Department determined they needed an upgrade to their vehicle equipment, they turned to MobileDemand for help. With the rugged design of the Windows xTablet T1600, being IP65-sealed for dust and water, and passing MIL-STD-810G for 4 feet, the xTablet T1600 proved to be the perfect fit for the job. Combined with the vehicle mount that hardwired the tablet to each vehicle, the xTablet T1600 proved to be everything the Fire Department could want or need. 

Even MobileDemand’s warranty surpassed expectations. With xProtect, when one of the firemen accidentally closed his tablet in a trapdoor, MobileDemand was able to repair the tablet and have it returned within a week. 


When an emergency happens, firefighters only have moments to grab their gear, get in the trucks, and be on their way. Thanks to MobileDemand’s xTablet T1600, the Klein Volunteer Fire Department can communicate to Dispatch that they are enroute to an emergency call with the touch of a button, and Dispatch can track their every move. But the rugged tablets go beyond just fieldwork. During each shift change, truck safety checks are conducted using the xTablet T1600. The firefighters are able to easily undock and re-dock their tablets to perform these vital inspections. 

The Klein Volunteer Fire Department says the mounted tablets are reliable. According to Jose Saravia, IT Director, “Product speaks for itself. It’s durable. It’s hot here in Texas, the tablets are in the trucks 24/7, 365 days-a-year and they are always working. And that’s exactly what we need.”