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Civil Engineering Company Enhances Productivity with MobileDemand Rugged Tablets

hraok-bannerHRAOK, Inc. was founded in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 2000, with their primary focus being assisting the private sector in the development of quality residential communities in and around the Tulsa metropolitan area by offering professional land surveying and civil engineering services to a variety of clients in the housing industry. Today their services range from all types of residential, commercial and institutional development projects to complex municipal infrastructure improvements. 

The Customer Challenge 

Prior to finding their MobileDemand solution, HRAOK, Inc. was using handheld Windows Mobile data collection devices. This device provided limited memory, was slow at processing data, and was hard to read out in the field. Crews found it hard to read the data on the small device which created strain in data retrieval. 

The MobileDemand Solution 

Salvador Titone, Owner and Manager, knew that the best solution for HRAOK was a rugged tablet with more RAM, a larger hard-drive, and an outdoor viewable screen. After extensive research, Titone knew that MobileDemand had the solution. The xTablet T1600 provided all the features and functions HRAOK was looking for. The rugged tablet offered a sunlight viewable display option, perfect for working out in the field or in the office and offered easy carrying features that were beneficial when hauling equipment around. 

The xTablet T1600 provided a high-performance Intel processor with 8GB of RAM, which meant faster performance when surveying for increased productivity. And with the high-power, 7-hour battery, crews were able to use the tablet all day and return to the office with all necessary data to complete projects ahead of schedule. 

The crew members of HRAOK, Inc. found the large 11.6-inch Hi-Brite display and the IP65 rated against dust and water necessary and ideal for working outside in all seasons and all weather. "MobileDemand's touchscreen is the best that I have ever used," said Titone. "The features that are the greatest benefit to our productivity and efficiency have to be the operating system, sunlight readable screen, wireless connectivity, ruggedness, and battery life." 

The Results 

Since the implementation of the xTablet T1600, HRAOK, Inc. has seen increased productivity and overall improvement in workmanship. "We have been surveying for 40 years, you know when a piece of equipment is increasing productivity and MobileDemand's T1600 is definitely a direct cause of increased productivity," said Titone. 

Now, HRAOK, Inc. remotely transfers data from the field to the office and controls a robotic station used for land surveying which increases overall efficiencies and productivity due to implementing the xTablet T1600.